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  • Legal Marriage Registration

    Legal Marriage Registration in Thailand

    A marriage will be valid under Thai law when it is officially registered with Thai authorities. A valid Thai marriage will then be recognised as a valid marriage in most other countries. If you do not properly register a marriage performed in Thailand with Thai authorities, you are not legally married, either in Thailand or your home country

    Different countries have different requirement, though most follow the same guidelines. If you want to be sure we suggest checking with your embassy in Thailand..

    Let us do it. Make your wedding day easier and smoother...

    Samui Wedding can oversee this process by arranging all necessary appointments and documentation required, as well as providing you with an English speaking guide and transport to and from Government offices. In most instances, a legal marriage in Thailand is also recognised by authorities in your home country.

    The price inclusive of :

    • Meeting with samui weddin legal representative at the embassy to assist and guide through process of fill necessary document
    • Official translation consular and supporting document.
    • Take document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification and endorsement
    • Posted marriage document to Samui Wedding prior wedding date.
    • Bring Thai Marriage document to City Hall and make appointment with the local City Hall official
    • Amphur official finalize registration at the wedding ceremony
    • Translator during registration marriage paper in wedding ceremony
    • Final translation of Marriage Certificate from Thai to English
    • Posted to your home country
    • For some nationalities, there are additional procedures required after the wedding here in order for the marriage to be legally recognized and/or registered in your home country.

    Don't forget that the date you register with the Amphur Office will be the date entered onto your marriage certificate, not necessarily the date of your wedding ceremony.

    Legal Marriage Registration